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Financial Advisory to Production Agriculture


Chief Restructuring Officer for a diversified group of companies engaged in farming and trucking.  A related entity operated a grain elevator.  Bank debt is about $15 million. Financial and turnaround advisors to affiliated entities with $28 Million in Bank Debt: (a) two large dairy farms, (b) corn and alfalfa farms, (c) custom farming operation, and (d) [...]

Financial Advisory to Production Agriculture2021-04-21T18:36:09-05:00

Presentation on Asset Recovery by Receivers


Alex Moglia moderated a panel on the role of U.S. federal receivers in recovering offshore assets by cooperating with offshore insolvency professionals and liquidators, at the April 13, 2018, National Association of Federal Equity Receivers (NAFER) Conference in the Cayman Islands.  Alex served as Chair of the International Committee of NAFER.  

Presentation on Asset Recovery by Receivers2021-04-21T18:36:09-05:00

Article on Corporate Compliance and Fraud Mitigation by Major Banks


Alex Moglia co-authored an article entitled, Fraudsters at the Gate, How Corporate Leaders Confront and Defeat Institutional Fraud, which was published by the London-based Journal on International Banking Law and Regulation.  Among the topics covered are bank regulatory compliance, and fraud prevention and mitigation.  Martin Kenney, an international asset recovery lawyer, and Dr. Alexander Stein, a [...]

Article on Corporate Compliance and Fraud Mitigation by Major Banks2021-04-21T18:36:09-05:00

Presentation on Receiverships and Fraud Recovery


Alex Moglia spoke at the FraudNet 2017 Conference in Miami about the National Association of Federal Equity Receivers, its history, mission and progress in the establishment of better practices among U.S. receivers and fellow professionals in tracing, freezing and recovering onshore and offshore assets.

Presentation on Receiverships and Fraud Recovery2021-04-21T18:36:09-05:00

Presentation on International Restructuring and Litigation Funding


Mr. Moglia spoke on corporate restructurings in emerging countries, and on litigation funding, at Insol International’s British Virgin Islands Conference.  Among the topics addressed were how restructurings can be successful in countries where judicial and regulatory systems may be compromised or underdeveloped.

Presentation on International Restructuring and Litigation Funding2021-04-21T18:36:09-05:00

Asset Tracing and Recovery


In the Lacrad International federal receivership, Alex Moglia, with the assistance of Moglia Advisors, brought actions against insiders of sham businesses, and recovered cash, luxury vehicles, a luxury home and other assets that had been obtained through financial fraud.  Funds were traced through bank accounts and entities in the U.S., Europe and Asia.  The principal of [...]

Asset Tracing and Recovery2021-04-21T18:36:09-05:00

International Asset Disposition


In the bankruptcy case of Outboard Marine Corporation (OMC), Alex Moglia and Moglia Advisors have recovered over $114 million, sold the equity interests of OMC subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Norway, France, Germany, Sweden and Brazil, and oversaw the winding up of OMC–Mexico and OMC–Latin America.  Moglia Advisors negotiated the sale of real estate assets and machinery [...]

International Asset Disposition2021-04-21T18:36:09-05:00

Expert Witness and Testimony Services


In a case before the Supreme Court of Quebec, Canada, Moglia Advisors opined on the corporate fiduciary duties of the president of a U.S. manufacturing company relative to the purchase of a large Canadian aluminum mill.  A Canadian asset acquisition company sued several major US companies alleging collusive bidding.  The U.S. manufacturing company had previously been [...]

Expert Witness and Testimony Services2021-04-21T18:36:09-05:00

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