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Gary Wencel has extensive experience in the insolvency and fraud recovery arenas, particularly with regard to case administration, asset recovery, and claims review and administration, and also handles all reporting for the receiverships and bankruptcies managed by Moglia Advisors.

Gary is an experienced insolvency, fraud recovery and crisis management advisor. He has worked with businesses in numerous industries including real estate, hotels, transportation, medical services, retail and wholesale distribution, commercial printing and mailing, publishing, basic materials, and manufacturing. His experience also includes business restructuring, product line reviews, creditor negotiations and acquisition evaluations. Earlier in his career, Gary gained valuable experience in corporate financial and strategic planning roles with two Fortune 500 companies. In addition, he served as vice president and director of business plan analysis for a large asset based lender, with responsibility for the evaluation and analysis of leveraged acquisition funding opportunities, equity participations, and overall due diligence.

In the Login Brothers Book Co. matter, Gary oversaw the analysis of potential preference payments and acted as the key contact with the trustee’s counsel and outside accountants. He also oversaw the analysis of and objections to claims by secured, priority and unsecured creditors and managed the interim distribution and final report processes.

In the Outboard Marine case, Gary oversaw the claims review process, working with the trustee’s counsel and the estate’s claims agent. Gary provided recommendations to the trustee with regard to potential preference causes of action, their prosecution, and settlement options. Working with outside accountants and counsel, he also evaluated causes of action against directors, officers and insiders.

Gary is a CPA, and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and of the Illinois CPA Society. He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the DePaul University Graduate School of Business and a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from the University of Illinois.

Publications and Lectures:

(Partial List)

  • Enterprise Restructuring: A Step by Step Case Study, Lenders Training Program, The World Bank, Washington, DC
  • Stalking Horses, Bid Protection, Break-Up Fees and Other Incentives in Asset Sales, American Bankruptcy Institute Central States Bankruptcy Workshop, Traverse City, MI
  • Ouch! Administrative Insolvency and Disgorgement of Fees-Case Strategies; American Bankruptcy Institute Central States Bankruptcy Workshop, Traverse City, MI
  • Practical Implications of Bankruptcy for Managed Care Companies, IAIR / NAIC Insolvency Workshop, Tucson, AZ
  • Restructuring Health Care Entities, 2nd Annual Lending to & Investing in Troubled Health Care Companies Workshop, New York City, NY
  • Trends and Financing Options for Health Care Entities, American Bankruptcy Institute National Meeting, Washington, DC
  • Financial Analysis, Due Diligence and Valuation in the Healthcare Arena, Second Annual Health Care Industry Bankruptcy & Workouts Forum, Washington, D.C.