Moglia Advisors’ International Insolvency and Asset Recovery Services include tracing, recovering and/or liquidating assets, and have been carried out in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Moglia Advisors’ asset recovery and disposition services include:

  1. Analyzing target entities, their assets, and their ongoing activities.
  2. Tracing funds through the target’s and its related entities’ bank and/or financial accounts and instruments.
  3. Taking possession of all assets and converting non-cash assets to cash or cash equivalents in a timely manner, while balancing the need for liquidity with maximizing net recoveries by creditors and victims.

Alex Moglia moderated and spoke at a panel on international asset recovery at the National Association of Federal Equity Receivers Conference in Miami, Florida. The panel discussed overcoming offshore challenges faced by U.S. receivers, including avoiding turf disputes with offshore courts and liquidators, and cooperating with U.S. regulatory agencies.