Trustee/Receiver ServicesMoglia Advisors and its professionals have served as bankruptcy, liquidation and litigation trustees, federal and state receivers, management and liquidating agents, examiners and assignees for the benefit of creditors, for over 30 years.

Our familiarity with state and federal insolvency processes, from appointment to discharge, and our relationships with regional and national law firms, gives us a distinct advantage.

Our mission is to protect the value of the assets and to maximize recoveries for the stakeholders.

We offer the following professional services in these engagements:

  • Seamless management transition
  • Control of cash balances, operating receipts and disbursements
  • Securing real and personal property assets
  • Assessment of business strengths, weaknesses and marketability
  • Interaction with stakeholders, including licensors, vendors and clients
  • Design and implementation of asset marketing and disposition plans
  • Reporting as required to the court and other constituents

Our goal is to marshal and secure the assets, make an objective assessment of the viability of the entity or marketability of the assets and pursue those avenues that maximize recoveries.