In a case before the Supreme Court of Quebec, Canada, Moglia Advisors opined on the corporate fiduciary duties of the president of a U.S. manufacturing company relative to the purchase of a large Canadian aluminum mill.  A Canadian asset acquisition company sued several major US companies alleging collusive bidding.  The U.S. manufacturing company had previously been placed in receivership, and Moglia Advisors also opined on alleged breaches of fiduciary duties by the U.S. receiver.

Moglia Advisors served as litigation expert advisor related to a class action lawsuit filed in Minnesota against an international bank for the alleged creation of millions of unauthorized and undisclosed customer credit card and investment accounts.  As part of our analysis, we tracked and commented on the actions of the bank in response to demands and restrictions by the U.S. Comptroller of the Currency.

Moglia Advisors has served as litigation consultant or testifying expert in other cases.