Below are select Projects & Cases:

Financial Advisory to Production Agriculture

Financial and Turnaround Advisors to Affiliated Entities with $28 Million in Bank Debt: (a) two large dairy farms, (b) corn and alfalfa farms, (c) custom farming operation, and (d) manure spreading operation. Chief Restructuring Officer for an aquaculture farming operation funded with about $90 million in equity and [...]

Asset Tracing and Recovery

In the Lacrad International federal receivership, Alex Moglia, with the assistance of Moglia Advisors, brought actions against insiders of sham businesses, and recovered cash, luxury vehicles, a luxury home and other assets that had been obtained through financial fraud.  Funds were traced through bank accounts and entities in [...]

International Asset Disposition

In the bankruptcy case of Outboard Marine Corporation (OMC), Alex Moglia and Moglia Advisors have so far recovered $114 million, and sold the equity interests of OMC subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Norway, Sweden and Brazil, and oversaw the winding up of OMC–Mexico and OMC–Latin America.  Moglia Advisors negotiated [...]

Expert Witness And Testimony Services

In a current case before the Supreme Court of Quebec, Canada, Moglia Advisors opined on the corporate fiduciary duties of the president of a U.S. manufacturing company relative to the purchase of a large Canadian aluminum mill. A Canadian asset acquisition company sued several major US companies alleging [...]

Corporate Restructuring

Moglia Advisors' client, SLG Innovation, Inc., a national technology consulting company, successfully reorganized under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.  Moglia Advisors served as SLG Innovation’s restructuring advisors, and also advised SLG on its negotiations with investors and lenders.  The project was particularly challenging as the client, [...]

Receivership Including Operation And Sale Of Healthcare Clinics

Moglia Advisors acts as receiver for a chain of highly-distressed medical clinics in New Mexico which we stabilized, marketed and sold as a going concern, all with the extraordinary support of their lender.  The clinics serve some 50,000 patients who would otherwise not have access to healthcare.  The [...]

Fraud Recovery And Receivership Services

Alex Moglia served as special receiver in a corporate collapse where the owner of a real estate entity improperly diverted funds and failed to pay the company’s clients.  Moglia Advisors performed an urgent fraud analysis of the company’s finances, and then Mr. Moglia filed a claim with the [...]

Special Situations M&A Advisory

Moglia Advisors served as M&A sale advisor to a group of private debt-holders who sold a national media technology company under the Uniform Commercial Code of California.  Moglia Advisors worked closely with the selling parties’ legal counsel to conduct a national search for a buyer and complete a [...]

Bank Advisory Services

We served as financial advisors to a community bank that accepted, in lieu of foreclosure, the operating assets of a national agricultural products processing company.  We also advised the management of the company on the ongoing operations, and subsequent sale of the company to an investor group. Moglia [...]

Corporate Liquidation

Alex Moglia serves as federal receiver in Michigan in the liquidation of a manufacturing company’s facilities, machinery, equipment and inventory, and in the collection of accounts receivable.  With the help of Moglia Advisors, Mr. Moglia marketed and sold the main industrial plant for substantially more than its appraised [...]