Below are select Projects and Cases in corporate financial, operational and fiduciary services:

Financial Advisory to Production Agriculture

Moglia Advisors served as Chief Restructuring Officer for a diversified group of companies engaged in farming and trucking, including dairy farms, corn and alfalfa farms, a manure spreading operation, and an aquaculture farming operation. (Please click the title to read more...)

Asset Tracing and Recovery

Serving as international federal receivership, Alex Moglia, with the assistance of Moglia Advisors, brought actions against insiders of sham businesses, and recovered cash, luxury vehicles, a luxury home and other assets that had been obtained through financial fraud. (Please click the title to read more...)

International Asset Disposition

In a corporate bankruptcy case, Alex Moglia and Moglia Advisors recovered over $114 million, sold the equity interests, and negotiated the sale of real estate assets and equipment. (Please click the title to read more...)

Expert Witness and Testimony Services

In a case before the Supreme Court of Quebec, Canada, Moglia Advisors opined on the corporate fiduciary duties of the president of a U.S. manufacturing company. Moglia Advisors served as litigation expert advisor related to a class action lawsuit filed in Minnesota against an international bank. (Please click the title to read more...)

Corporate Restructuring

Moglia Advisors serves in many capacities to successfully reorganize and restructure comapnies both domestically and internationally. Moglia Advisors' services in this capacity include managing or advising on corporate restructurings and turnarounds, serving as chief restructuring officer, serving as restructuring and management succession advisors, managing the sale or liquidation of companies, acting as bankruptcy trustees, receivers, or assignees for the benefit of creditors, and much more. (Please click the title to read more ...)

Receivership Including Operation and Sale of Healthcare Clinics

Moglia Advisors acts as receiver for numerous types of companies. In this case, Moglia Advisors acted as a receiver for a chain of highly-distressed medical clinics that served some 50,000 patients who would otherwise not have access to healthcare. The impact of a shutdown would have been felt throughout a major area of the state. (Please click the title to read more ...)

Fraud Recovery and Fiduciary Services

Moglia Advisors serves in many capacities in fraud recovery and fiduciary services. Moglia Advisors provides receiver services, federal and state receiverships, bankruptcy trustee and examiner services, performs fraud analyses, recovers assets, and more. (Please click the title to read more ...)

Special Situations M&A Advisory

Moglia Advisors provides mergers and acquisitions (M&A) services. In this case, Moglia Advisors served as M&A sale advisor to a group of private debt-holders and worked closely with the selling parties’ legal counsel to conduct a national search for a buyer and complete a transaction under extreme financial and operational circumstances. (Please click the title to read more ...)

Bank Advisory Services

Moglia Advisor serves as financial advisors to community banks as well as major national and international banking institutions. (Please click the title to read more ...)

Corporate Liquidation

Moglia Advisors serves as federal receiver in the liquidation of companies' assets and in the collection of accounts receivable, as advisors in corporate litigation, as liquidation trustees, as assignee for the benefit of creditors (ABC), and more. (Please click the title to read more ...)