Senior Business Intelligence Analyst


Moglia Advisors, Corporate Financial Consultants

Office: 847-884-8282


Megha Goushal is a Senior Business Intelligence (“BI”) Analyst with a specialty in the creation of insightful BI databases, processes, dashboards, and analyses. Her expertise extends to database and programming languages such as SQL and Python, which allow her to develop insights and applications that drive corporate strategy.

Megha has a deep understanding of machine learning, deep learning, and big data technologies. She has practical experience with a range of tools, including OpenAI, Power BI, Power Automate, AWS, Azure, Microsoft 365, and various database technologies, which enables her to overcome complex business challenges.

At Moglia Advisors, Megha plays a crucial role in identifying key client and corporate metrics, designing dashboards, and providing technical support. Her day-to-day work involves collaborating with internal and external teams to foster the adoption of technology initiatives and ensure the timeliness and accuracy of critical data. This position leverages her education and creativity in high-impact, fast-paced settings.

Previously, as a Machine Learning Intern at Lam Research, Megha applied her innovation and analytical skills to identify opportunities for improvement and recognize patterns by creating time series dashboards. Her strong character and communication skills allow her to interface harmoniously with all colleagues from technical teams to senior management.

Megha’s career reflects a commitment to continuous learning and improvement, with an emphasis on real-world business applications. Her technical skills are matched by a passion for using data to shape the future of business.