Alex Moglia, Founder and President of Moglia Advisors, is a frequent speaker on business topics to companies and organizations around the world.

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Below are some of our Articles and Presentations:

Presentation – Top 12 Lessons On What Not To Do In Managing Your Company

(This presentation can be viewed in our "Flipbook" feature by clicking on the cover image). TOP 12 LESSONS ON WHAT NOT TO DO IN MANAGING YOUR COMPANY By: Alex D. Moglia, President Jill K. Niese, Managing Director Moglia Advisors Question everything! Encourage new and divergent ideas. Catchy, trendy words, acronyms and phrases often confuse rather than inform your employees, and those with whom you do business. Business can’t be static; evolve or die. Cash flow forecasting is not complicated, and should be utilized by all managers, whether they have finance or accounting backgrounds or not. Everyone in the organization needs to buy-in to the process and be held accountable to the actual results. Some of our new clients tell us they can’t create cash flow forecasts because they “can’t predict” what is going to happen. We eventually convince them to estimate future receipts and disbursements based on past activities and results. What are your competitors doing, correctly and incorrectly, and what lessons can you apply to maximize profitability and cash reserves? Work towards thriving instead of surviving. Engage their feedback on goals and utilize their suggestions on how to achieve them. Keep everyone in the entire organization informed, not solely about their group’s performance, but also about the overall company’s performance. Be honest and vigilant in assessing both your financial and operational stability. Avoid complacency and waiting too long to acknowledge that major changes need to be made. Change starts from the top and should trickle down. Create a [...]

Presentation on Asset Recovery by Receivers

Alex Moglia moderated a panel on the role of U.S. federal receivers in recovering offshore assets by cooperating with offshore insolvency professionals and liquidators, at the April 13, 2018, National Association of Federal Equity Receivers (NAFER) Conference in the Cayman Islands.  Alex served as Chair of the International Committee of NAFER.  

Article on Corporate Compliance and Fraud Mitigation by Major Banks

Alex Moglia co-authored an article entitled, Fraudsters at the Gate, How Corporate Leaders Confront and Defeat Institutional Fraud, which was published by the London-based Journal on International Banking Law and Regulation.  Among the topics covered are bank regulatory compliance, and fraud prevention and mitigation.  Martin Kenney, an international asset recovery lawyer, and Dr. Alexander Stein, a specialist in mitigating human factor malfeasance risks, are the co-authors.

Presentation on Receiverships and Fraud Recovery

Alex Moglia spoke at the FraudNet 2017 Conference in Miami about the National Association of Federal Equity Receivers, its history, mission and progress in the establishment of better practices among U.S. receivers and fellow professionals in tracing, freezing and recovering onshore and offshore assets.

Presentation on International Restructuring and Litigation Funding

Mr. Moglia spoke on corporate restructurings in emerging countries, and on litigation funding, at Insol International’s British Virgin Islands Conference.  Among the topics addressed were how restructurings can be successful in countries where judicial and regulatory systems may be compromised or underdeveloped.